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Career Planning

Jarface / Hez a posted May 11, 16

Saturday evening, after many months of intended planning, we finally came through and hosted Career Day, a social event designed to spotlight various guilds active on the Jung Ma server. It's an event we conceptualized back when there were a lot more large/active/communicative guilds on the Jung Ma server, but for whatever reason never got around to pulling off until now. Although I didn't personally spot many unguilded attendees at the event (although I may have missed a few while running around), in terms of social events the majority of people who attended relayed to us that they had a great time. We had one GenChat troll who called the event boring before being subsequently eviscerated by various persons who weren't even members of our guild. And while we ask our members to practice restraint in responding to such public criticism, it damn sure felt good to see people leap to our defense. We also had guests who began, for lack of a better term, trolling the event, but when asked to stop not only complied, but sincerely apologized for their lapse in etiquette. I don't know how else to say it: that shit was golden.

As for the guilds who presented and/or ran booths, I often found myself surprised and impressed. Opinions, first impressions I had developed during previous interactions were turned on their head. Again, golden. Without further ado, I'd like to give them shout-outs here. Sincerest thanks to:

We also had a PvP tournament, but being as though this isn't normally our bag, we went off some guidelines we found on the Official Forums that it turns out favored one class over the others. Our bad! I hope you all enjoyed the swag and had as much fun as we did. Of course, we did run over on time, so be on the lookout for our emote and item auction this Thursday at 9pm EST. Lastly, stay tuned to this frequency, because we've got more news on the way soon.

Hello everyone, a new week means a new update from yours truly, the C.I.A. Officers. Without further ado, let's begin.

As you may have noticed from the title of this post the C.I.A. has engaged in full on HYPE MODE for our upcomming RP event, CAREER DAY! The event is set for May 7th, with more details listed right here. We've been planning this one out for a long while now and are very excited to share it with you all. Fun times will be had and it is our sincere hope to see you all there.

With that being said, we will be suspending our weekly activites for this week only in preparation for Career Day, our regularly scheduled content will resume next week.

With Star Wars day coming up, figured it'd only be quaint to part with this. 

May the Fourth be with you.

I think that's it, Reavs out.

What's new, CIA?

Yuskalia a posted Apr 20, 16

Welcome to another great week at the Chorba Intelligence Academy!

This week will kick off story night with the ceremony celebrating Instructor Reaver Vorrin’s achievement of reaching Tenure at the Academy.

The second class of the 5th semester has started! Like usual, we have our class Wednesday night at 9 PM EST, so make sure to bring your pen and paper and get ready to take some notes!

Thursday night’s will be the second official…. BETTER ROAST AN AGENT! Come join us as we insult each other in the name of good fun!

This Friday we will be continuing our Pubside Operations. Last week we made our first valiant attempt at Explosive Conflict, and while it ended in us throwing in the towel for the week….. It’s a whole new week, and that means time to go for round two!


NSFW, Potentially Political

This is something I've felt like putting out there for a long time, and there's no real reason for posting it now other than I randomly feel like it. While our small group tends to discourage public roleplay that might be better kept private or at least limited in its audience, we understand that humans will be humans and we're all at least attempting to be mature adults (mostly). RPing romances comes naturally, and while I've never heard anyone explicitly say anything contradictory to the point I'm about to make, that doesn't mean I haven't picked up its undercurrents at times.

RPing as a female character if you're an IRL male does not make you gay, even if that character engages in an ICly hetero relationship. But what's far more important than that is that being gay isn't anything to be ashamed of. Neither is being transgender, transexual, pansexual, heterosexual (or apparently cis, as I heard of for the first time last week), atheist, Jewish, Christian, FSM, right-wing, left-nut, whatever. If you're a human being who doesn't intentionally attempt to make other people feel shitty, you're okay in my book and welcome to join or hang out with us any time. I've ready plenty of posts on plenty of guild websites about how little they discriminate on such a basis, then seen their members lob backwards, homophobic slurs casually back and forth. The hypocrisy irks me.

A lot of people playing this game are going through formative-and-transformative times in their lives, and that might mean exploring a perspective that may not normally be available to them. Such transformations aren't closed off to any particular age, gender or sexual identity, and roleplay can be a good way to explore those, at least as mental concepts. Everything depends on your comfort level, and respecting the comfort level of those around you. And while it can be fun to occasionally push people beyond their normal comfort zones, there's a big difference between doing so constructively and being a dick about it.

I have also encountered in my time playing persons who have exploited others, lying about their age and gender to manipulate the inexperienced into what I can only describe as predatory interactions. These interactions are also not defined by any one age, creed, gender identity, etc, although in my experience they tend to follow a certain pattern. This, obviously, I have a problem with; that type of creeper shit is intolerable in my book.

All of the above can be inferred from our guild's roleplay guidelines, but on occasion, hey, even I can be explicit. These opinions are obviously mine and mine alone, not necessarily those of all of our officers, guild members, and friends. But they're the basis of how we do what we do how we do it. It's important in my opinion to maintain the distinction between real life and fantasy, easy as it is at times for that line to blur.


In C.I.A. news, the Headmaster was acquitted of war crimes in a polarizing trial that took a lot of hard work and planning to pull off. My thanks go out to all those who made it happen. We'll have a write-up posted on all sites soon, just give me some time to adult a little bit first.

Resyra ^
Eisran I highly appreciate that you posted this 'rant' on this because with the time that I was on swtor I did see a ...

Big Week For US!

Vivi a posted Mar 29, 16

Join us on Tuesday for our regularly scheduled Story Night a CIA members only exclusive event. From Wednesday- Thursday we will be doing open RP at the place the CIA was first thought of... The Slippery Slopes located on Nar Shaddaa, please join us there. This is intended to be equal parts reward and reprieve for the hard work we did to win Nar Shaddaa for conquest. I for one am proud of the members that contributed. This little guild can accomplish anything we set our little heart to.

This Friday will be an event that will not want to be missed... The Trial of Violet-sky Rollin at 9PM EST. All are welcome to make an appearance. Just remember to use good RP etiquette. That's all for now, look out for more updates on the event happening this friday.

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