Big ups to Nolani for calling out Reaver's inability to properly use an apostrophe
"The Gang Let's the Past Die, Killing It if They Have To."
Maddest of props to Dingo and Crystaall for keeping the site alive! <3
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Alternate title for this post: "Limpin' On..."

A recent poll among our alumni asked the question, "Now that the guild has been disbanded, what should we do with this website?" The results of that poll, broken down by percentages, were as follows:

  • Let the timer run out, allowing donors to keep it active if desired:

  • Delete it:

  • Password-protect the entire site so only members of the Discord can view it:

Obviously, if you're reading these words, at least one person had enough desire to donate towards keeping the site active. As a result of both in-character plot developments as well as my own personal desire for closure, I hereby transfer ownership of this website and all its content to Nolani.

Cultivating this guild and the lasting connections made as a result of that was one of the best experiences I've ever had, something I very much needed back then. I'll not soon forget those who helped along the way, and especially those who stayed the course.

I was trying to attach my favorite version of my favorite Bob Dylan song (for the record: "Changing of the Guards", specifically from Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Volume 3) but apparently that particular recording is not currently available on YouTube. Instead, I attached a cover of it, performed by the same band who wrote the song to which I compared early C.I.A. RP in a post on the original website.

Ninja Vanish

The guild known as the Chorba Intelligence Academy (also known as the C I A) currently inhabiting the Star Force server is hereby formally disbanding. This site will be unavailable in approximately 14 19 days. All further details are considered highly


Is the Wink Implied?

Jarface / Hez a posted Oct 3, 17

Greetings, true believers! You now find yourself at the long-defunct home of the Chorba Intelligence Academy, at least on the Interwebs. Nowadays we're a very small group who communicates through the Discord app, but once upon a time we were a small, fun SWTOR guild on the Jung Ma server. Turns out those people who 2 years ago claimed our shrinking server would be merged with a larger server can finally say "I told you so," assuming of course they still even play this game and/or pay attention to its developments. There's an article below describing in depth the changes they intend to bring during the United Forces update; alls I know is I personally will do my best to stake my claim on all things I think I deserve, be they my character name, guild, legacy, etc. Will you stand with me? Will you /kneel with me before Huttball matches for the sheer sake of pissing off overly sensitive, hyper-masculine-online neckbeards? Will long-lost SWTOR players return to the fold? Will any of the above come true?!? Tune in this November to find out!

This week will be our last lecture and next week will be our last week as The Chorba Intelligence Academy. All C.I.A members should attend, these next two weeks will be very memorable. 

This has been an amazing run as a whole. The C.I.A has been a guild that has impacted many people. We started as a small guild run by Hez, and blossomed into a community. Whether you joined the guild or enjoyed some classes at the Academy, all of you have had some sort of interaction with our little guild and I hope it was a good one. Unfortunately, as the title suggests, that is coming to an end. All of us together made the C.I.A into an amazing community where we can come together and RP or just goof around. Although things will be different, I hope that these bonds that we formed will last and leave a legacy behind. For the final time, this is your officers signing off. That's all folks!

Violet-sky Rollin
Ringont Olreb

Yuskalia a It was a great time everyone. I loved every minute I have been in this guild, from the class night to our biweekly opera...

Weekly Breakdown

Yuskalia a posted May 17, 16

Hey everybody, it’s another great week here at the CIA!

Last week was another action packed week for the CIA, ending off with the completion of Terror from Beyond with a little help from our friends over in the Celestial Argonauts.

Let’s start this week off by saying happy birthday to everyone’s favorite headmaster, Violet-sky!

As per CIA routine, this week will start off with story night on Tuesday, followed by class night on Wednesday.

For the Rotator this week, we will be doing a PVE night.

This week will end off with an emote auction! Grab your wallets and get ready to snag some of those emotes you have been hoping to get your hands on!

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